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Most people are born with the potential for good eyesight. However, vision -- the ability to identify, process, and understand what is seen -- is learned and developed, beginning at birth.  The Plano program is based on behavioral optometry, which entails the total vision information processing system and its relationship to learning and development. When problems are identified that relate to vision development, the cause may not necessarily be related to eyesight.

Plano was established in 1959 by Dr. Robert L. Johnson (deceased) and Dr. Henry R. Moore as a multi-discipline, not-for-profit optometric service organization and chartered in 1965 as Plano Child Development Center. Plano became a not-for-profit organization [501(c)3] in 1976. Plano's mission is to identify, evaluate and treat economically disadvantaged children who have under-developed and/or inefficient vision information processing systems. Plano is unique in the Midwest, in that it offers the community, particularly the central city, a wide array of services heretofore unavailable.  Plano is the only not-for-profit African American service provider offering comprehensive vision therapy treatment intervention to patients in the Chicagoland area.  




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