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A Brief Overview of Plano Child Development Center
Most people are born with the potential for good eyesight. However, vision -- the ability to identify, process, and understand what is seen -- is learned and developed, beginning at birth.  The Plano program is based on behavioral optometry, which entails the total vision information processing system and its relationship to learning and development. When problems are identified that relate to vision development, the cause may not necessarily be related to eyesight.
Plano was established in 1959 by Dr. Robert L. Johnson (deceased) and Dr. Henry R. Moore (deceased) as a multi-discipline, not-for-profit optometric service organization and chartered in 1965 as Plano Child Development Center.
Plano became a not-for-profit organization [501(c)3] in 1976. Plano's mission is to identify, evaluate and treat economically disadvantaged children who have under-developed and/or inefficient vision information processing systems. Plano is unique in the Midwest, in that it offers the community, particularly the central city, a wide array of services heretofore unavailable.  Plano is the only not-for-profit African American service provider offering comprehensive vision therapy treatment intervention to patients in the Chicagoland area.  

An overview of Plano as presented by Dr. Stephanie Johnson-Brown, Executive Director


Dr. Stephanie explains how PLANO vision center is helping kids with functional vision issues. She also talks about the relationship between vision abilities and education.

"Plano Child Development Center Recieves $1000.00 Grant from ABB Optical Group​​" 
Plano Child Development Center Services
Once a problem has been identified, a visual assessment may be recommended.  This includes a vision examination and/or a visual perceptual diagnostic evaluation of the vision information processing system
Plano's mission is to effectively identify and evaluate those educationally disadvantaged youth with underdeveloped and/or inefficient visual processing systems. Additionally, through Vision Therapy Programs, the mission is to remediate those visual problems.
A complete vision screening evaluation (sight, vision, and vision perception survey) is employed to identify problems related to eyesight and vision.  The patient may also be referred because of a suspected problem.
When the evaluation identifies the need and consultation confirms willingness to proceed, an individual training program in a group setting is subsequently established.  The individual program may extend in a duration from  little as once a month to frequent as twice a week office visits.  If the patient is a child, parents are required to work with the patient at home in the performance of the assigned routines , which provide additional stimulation to the patient

Success Stories

  1. Managing Director
    I, Mrs. Guerrero parent of Celeste Buitron am very happy that my eight (8) year old daughter has progressed well in her vision therapy program these first four (4) months that she has come to Plano. She went a level up in reading and her teacher has also seen good results in reading. I hadn’t heard of vision therapy until Celeste was referred to Plano by Tropical Optical’s Mobile Vision Program. If they hadn’t, she would be struggling with her reading, writing, and math. I personally would recommend Plano.
  2. Managing Director
    I found myself feeling helpless as I watched my daughter struggle to the point of frustration and tears as she tried to read. Before the school was finished with all the testing, the school social worker recommended Plano. Almost immediately after beginning therapy, Rebecca has met goals in half the time. Her teachers call her articulate and better focused. She still struggles but the joy of school has returned. Thank you for your dedication. Everyone at Plano is truly a Godsend. Sincerely, Laura Sokolow
  3. Managing Director
    Dear Dr. Johnson It is such a pleasure to see that Plano is still assisting the community. I first came to Plano in 1995 with my daughter, Kristin Williams, who at the age of 7 was diagnosed with Dyslexia. Kristin would go to school one day and had no problem reading but then the next day she couldn’t read anything. After thorough testing at Plano it was suggested that Kristin receive vision therapy twice a week. Letters were written to the school suggesting how to test Kristin and work with her in class. Kristin’s graduation from Kenwood Academy with commendable honors would not have been possible without the assistance provided by Plano, during her elementary school years. Now, Kristin is a mother herself and her son, Demonn Bagby, is also benefitting from the wonderful work that Plano provides. He too goes to Plano twice a week. I would like to Thank you and the staff at Plano for all of your dedication to the community and for caring about our children. Thank you all and keep up the great work! Ms. Williams Mother and Grandmother of Plano Stars