The Plano concept is based on behavioral optometry, which entails the total vision information processing system and its relationship to learning and development.  When problems are identified that relate to vision development, the cause may not necessarily be related to eyesight.  Most people are born with the potential for good eyesight.  However, vision -- the ability to identify, process, and understand what is seen -- is learned and developed, beginning at birth.
To effectively identify and evaluate those educationally disadvantaged youth with underdeveloped and/or inefficient visual processing systems. Additionally, through Vision Therapy Programs, the mission is to remediate those visual problems.

A complete vision screening evaluation (sight, vision, and vision perception survey) is employed to identify problems related to eyesight and vision.  The patient may also be referred because of a suspected problem.
Once a problem has been identified, a visual assessment may be recommended.  This includes a vision examination and/or a visual perceptual diagnostic evaluation of the vision information processing system
Vision Therapy Treatment Program
When the evaluation identifies the need and consultation confirms willingness to proceed, an individual training program in a group setting is subsequently established.  The individual program may extend in a duration from  little as once a month to frequent as twice a week office visits.  If the patient is a child, parents are required to work with the patient at home in the performance of the assigned routines , which provide additional stimulation to the patient
Community Services
Plano also provides vision health care education to parents, teachers, businesses, agencies, and members of the communities it serves.  This is in the form of presentations, workshops, and seminars which promote visual awareness and preventive vision care.
Meet The Directors
  1. Dr. Stephanie Johnson-Brown
    Dr. Stephanie Johnson-Brown, Executive Director
  2. Dr. Joseph W. McCray Jr.
    Dr. Joseph W. McCray Jr. Associate Director