Our Founders

In 1959, Drs. Robert L. Johnson (deceased) and Henry R. Moore (deceased), noting the relationship between visual dysfunction and learning -- especially as it applies to inner city school children -- established the Plano Child Development Center.  Six years later, in 1965, the duo incorporated Plano and in 1977 it became an Illinois not-for-profit corporation.  Plano expanded its services to adults and has been referred to as the Plano Vision Development Center since 1999. Today, it is a fine community fixture within the metropolitan Chicago area.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff of the Plano Child Development Center, thank you for your continued support. Your generous donations allow us to serve children and families across the greater Chicago area.

Over fifty years ago we visualized an organization that could help individuals overcome vision and visual perception deficiencies. That vision continues to grow as we reach a new generation of leadership and development.

We gratefully acknowledge the steady hand of Dr. Stephanie Johnson-Brown, our executive director; the dedication and commitment of Dr. Joseph McCray, Jr., our associate director.  

We applaud the continued efforts of our staff of technicians and assistants. Without all of your efforts, Plano would not be the organization we are today. 

Plano Co-Founder Dr. Robert L. Johnson

Over 50 years ago Dr. Robert Johnson realized his dream of helping improve vision for both children and adults in minority communities. Thousands of families have been helped through vision health education, vision exams and vision therapy. Years later we still mourn the loss of this pioneer whose legacy will continue to thrive through the efforts of parents, educators, students and health care professionals. 

Plano Co-Founder Dr. Henry R. Moore

Dr. Henry R. Moore, Founding partner of Plano Optometric and Co-Founder of Plano Child Development Center was in private practice for over 50 years. He served 8 years on the Illinois Board of Examiners in Optometry and became a member of Illinois College of Optometrys 50 Year Club in 2006. He was President of the National Optometric Association from 1978 to 1979. All of Dr. Moores contributions to the Optometric community will be greatly treasured.