Organizational Testimonials

  1. On behalf of the Health Ministry Committee at Sixth Grace Presbyterian Church, please accept our appreciation for the outstanding support, service and participation provided by Plano in the Emma Foster Health Fair.
    Eveline Horton, RN, MEd, Moderator Health Ministry, 2013
  2. We, the members of the Canaan Baptist Church of Christ want to express our sincere thanks to Plano for serving as a vendor at our annual health fair. The fair was a tremendous success! Thank you for providing testing, literature, demonstrations, consultations, gifts and samples.
    Reverend Dr. Charles F. Thomas, Senior Pastor, 2013
  3. Thanks so much for donating valuable time and resources to the Children’s Community Health Fair sponsored by Mount Calvary Baptist Church each year. By providing screening and workshops each year, the youth and their parents have been blessed. We really appreciate your commitment to the community health care. It has been a wellspring of help to those who attend.
    Rev. Tyrone Crider, Sr., Pastor, 2013
  4. Congratulations to Plano on improving the vision health of adults and children in the Chicago area.
    Doriane C. Miller, MD. Associate Professor of Medicine, Department of Medicine, Director, Center of Community Health and Vitality Urban Health Initiative, University of Chicago Medicine, 2012
  5. The following are some comments from the schools I have referred to Plano for school group eye exams: “I have completed my third trip to Plano. I intend to go twice as much next year. The staff is amazing. The services that they provide are exemplary. Everyone should go to Plano.” “Plano vision providers are compassionate about their work. The extensive type of eye exams help parents and teachers understand how to work with their child/student. Also, when they bring the glasses to the school and make sure they fit properly, they provide instructions on how to see through the glasses. That special touch means a lot to the students.” Thank you for making this experience so positive for our schools. I’m so glad we found each other!
    Katrina Pavlik, M.Ed. Vision Project Manager Communities in Schools of Chicago, 2012
  6. On behalf of the residents of the Fourth Ward, I would like to personally thank you for your support of the 21st Annual Health and Housing Fair. This year’s fair was a great success, thanks in large part to your support. I truly appreciate your organization’s passion and dedication to community service in providing vision screenings.
    William D. Burns, Alderman, 4th Ward, 2012
  7. I am a member of the faculty at Lincoln Middle School in Berwyn, Illinois who was present for your presentation. When you finished your talk which was re-ally interesting, especially the demonstration that you gave when you asked the faculty to try on these goofy glasses so that we can “see the world” through the eyes of a student who has severe vision problems; I volunteered for that demonstration and stumbled around our library with those glasses on.
    Chris Janoso, A Vision Health Workshop Attendee, 2009
  8. The workshops that you offer to our staff and parents help all of us to know the difference between sight and vision. You have helped my staff become more aware of the symptoms of poor vision. Parents who have attended the Plano workshops or talked to your staff have expressed their gratitude for learning how important vision is.
    Jacqueline Smizer, MEd. Director, Community Mennonite Early Learning Center, 2008
  9. During the 2007-2008 school year, our Center was part of a “pilot vision care information program” with Plano. Through the program, the awareness of vi-sion as it relates to learning and behavior increased among our staff and par-ents. We have found this program to be a great asset to our Child Care Center.
    Tanya Staggers, Head Teacher, Ezzard Charles School, Montessoir Nursery and Day Care Center, 2008
  10. We here at Community Mennonite Early Learning Center would like to thank you for the opportunity to work with our staff conducting vision education workshops, and for providing our parents with the service of vision exams for their children. We have gotten many thanks from parents whose children needed glasses and were able to receive them regardless of their income.
    Cathy Bijou, Assistant Director, Community Mennonite, 2007