Parent Testimonials

  1. My son Matthew was referred to Plano because he was having problems under-standing certain concepts at school and complained of headaches. Matthew’s physical health and school work were greatly improved throughout his vision therapy. To this day Matthew now is an an exceptional student who is presently completing work on a Master of Science and Public Safety Administration.
    Althenia Palmer, Parent, 2015
  2. I am proud to report that Plano has helped Desmond Berdell to read and see better and to have more confidence in himself while reading. It has helped him to im-prove all his final grades to As and Bs.
    Carol White Berdell, Parent, 2014
  3. My daughter, Kayla Baxter, began vision therapy at the age of 5. I was concerned that her vision problems would affect her reading and writing when she began kindergarten. Over the first few months of therapy I saw a lot of improvement. My daughter is now reading on grade level and her writing has improved tremendously.
    Renee R. Baxter, Parent, 2013
  4. Thanks to Plano, my son has more confidence in himself. Before my son was tested at Plano, he always had a difficult time writing. Now, after being in therapy for a couple of months, I have seen great improvement in his writing. He has never written as much as he does now.
    Brenda Guerrero, Parent, 2013
  5. Marissa Esper came to Plano because she was having difficulties at school with words, numbers and her homework. As a result of therapy at Plano I have noticed a big improvement with her vision. Marissa has improved tremendously and is now able to read much better. Plano’s affordable services allow low-income families to experience the improvement that I saw in Marissa.
    Michelle Esper, Parent, 2012
  6. Plano made a huge impact on our daughter Chloe’s life. She has made great progress over the last year and we are so proud of her achievements.
    The Svoboda Family, 2012
  7. My nephew, Juan was diagnosed with autism at a young age. Within a short time of receiving vision vision therapy we could see that Juan began to change. As he continued through the program with both the office and home therapy, I saw him blossom. He was no longer shy or afraid to participate in therapy. His teachers were amazed. The emotional and social transformation that happened was astounding.
    Juana Gomez, Aunt, 2012
  8. My daughter Tayler had learning and behavior difficulties for as long as I can re-member. I was so weary of the complaints from teachers and others. Tayler would receive poor reports during report card periods. As a result of Plano, Tayler became more organized. Her vision skills improved significantly and I have seen her self esteem improve.
    Stephanie Tree, Parent, 2011
  9. Dominique Jones was four years old when she was referred to Plano. In less than a year her vision and daily motor skills improved dramatically. She began to excel in all areas of school.
    Tracey Cross-Jones, Parent, 2010
  10. Brian Hermosillo came to Plano because he was having trouble at school. He had poor hand writing and reading. His grades were horrible. Now, with the support of Plano, his grades improved, his reading is fluent and his writing is legible.
    Belinda Hermosillo, Parent, 2010